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You have just purchased a quality-crafted mattress. In order to prolong the life span of your new mattress and obtain the maximum value of your investment, please follow the advice below:

  1. Expect an adjustment period for you and your mattress. Sleep studies show that the body needs an acclamation period of 4-6 weeks to start feeling the benefits of a new surface. New style comfort layers allow body moulding. Body indentations are normal occurrence to your mattress and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to your body's individual contours. This may be more common and noticeable with a mattress of larger size, such as a king or queen.
  2. Rotate and turn mattress end to end and side to side on a regular basis within the first five years. It should be performed every 2 weeks in the first 3 months of your purchase and only once a month thereafter. Pillow top mattresses may require a step-up schedule due to increased layers of upholstery. If your mattress shows significant signs of body impressions in between above scheduled rotations, feel free to change the schedule to accommodate your bed as well as sleeping style.
  3. Always carry the mattress flat on it's side. Care should be taken during handling or delivery, especially with the super-size mattresses. Spring filled mattress must not be bent for any reason. Permanent and irreparable damage can be inflicted from improper handling and other abuse.

Your new mattress is an investment for your health and comfort. It is very important that you care for your mattress properly to keep it in optimum condition and to your maximum satisfaction.

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